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99% USP Minoxidil powder


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Minoxidil 99% purity powder

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Minoxidil powderMinoxidil powder

Product details:

Product name: Minoxidil 99% purity powder

Purity: 99%

Chemical formula: C9H15N5O
The molecular weight: 209.25
The CAS login no.: 38304-91-5
Melting point: 272-274 ° C

The action of minoxidil is similar to that of hydrazine, but the action is stronger and more durable.

1) Androgenic alopecia: alopecia seborrheic.

Treatment of male androgenetic alopecia with minocydil solution 1 ml twice daily resulted in mild to moderate hair growth in two-thirds of patients at 3 months and significant improvement in appearance in 74% of patients at 12 months. Minoxidil is also effective in women with androgenic alopecia.
2) hair loss through chemotherapy: many drugs affect the growth cycle of hair and cause hair loss. Hair loss is a significant side effect of antitumor drugs, and minoxidil can reduce hair loss caused by chemotherapy.
3) Alopecia areata: Alopecia areata is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease. A considerable proportion of patients have the tendency of self-healing, but the prognosis is poor for those with common recurrence, long course of disease or extensive hair loss. Many treatments promote hair growth in alopecia areata, but no one has been proven to alter the natural course of alopecia areata and few randomized controlled clinical studies have been conducted. Minoxidil is effective in the treatment of alopecia areata in a dose - dependent manner.

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