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Monobenzone cream 60% 1kg


Monobenzone cream

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60% cream:

Milk white


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Monobenzone cream can against your vitiligo skin!


Monobenzone cream 60% 500g

Monobenzone is a topical decolorizing agent used to treat hyperpigmentation, such as various color spots, senile spots, melanoma, etc., with obvious results.

It can decompose the melanin in the skin, prevent the melanin in the skin to produce, make the skin to restore the healthy color, but does not destroy the melanin cell, toxicity is very light, usually made of ointment or lotion, has received the United States pharmacopoeia.


Monobenzone cream 60% 500g      

Usually need 2-3 months, some customer use one month later will have effect on skin.


Monobenzone Instructions for Use:

1. Put the cream to the normal skin that needs to be depigmented, 2-3 times a day, (depending on personal work and rest) before going to bed at night, wrap it in plastic wrap and wash it off with water in the morning, there is plenty of time during the day You can wrap it with plastic wrap for 2-3 hours after smearing it, and wrap it with plastic wrap after smearing (this will save the amount and the effect will be better). The face and neck will be effective in 1-3 months, and the limbs will be effective in 2-5 months. . Of course, this means that in most cases, there are faster and slower than this.

2. At the beginning of the medication, the skin will be tingling in different degrees, and the skin color will gradually deepen (red and black) in about 8 days, accompanied by different degrees of redness, swelling and itching. The duration of this period is not the same, and then there will be a peeling period. Alternately, the tingling of Monobenzone will be more obvious. As long as you use it regularly and pay attention to sun protection, your skin color will gradually turn white. Of course, not all people follow this process for depigmentation. Some people don't respond, and they will turn white when the time is up.

3. Care after depigmentation: After depigmentation, the skin should not be exposed to the sun, otherwise you should pay attention to sun protection. However, diet and work and rest can be casual and have no effect.


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