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Turmeric capsule


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Informations for turmeric capsule:

• Produced with pure water only
• High purity: over 95%

•  Specification:500mg/capsule
• NO solvent - residual free
• Pesticide-free
• Bright Yellow in appearance
• High anti-bacteria, and longer shelf life

Item:  bulk turmeric capsules

Specification:500mg/capsule, 750mg/capsule 

Hot selling:Antioxidation type ,colorant, feed additives, Curcumin 10%,Curcumin powder 95%

Latin Name:Curcuma longa L.
Active Ingredient:Curcumin, Curcuminoids
Specification:45%, 80%, 95% Curcumin UV, 30~95% Curcuminoids HPLC
Test Method:UV/HPLC
Cas No.:458-37-7 (Curcumin)
Part of used: Rootstalk of curcuma longa
Appearance: Yellow fine powder
Particle Size:100% pass 80 mesh

Main Function of bulk turmeric capsules :       
(1). With the function of improving blood circulation and treating amenorrhea;
(2). With the function of lipid-lowering, anti-inflammatory, choleretic, anti-tumor and anti-oxidation;
(3). With the function of treating women's dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.

Application of bulk turmeric capsules:            
(1). As medicines' raw materials for anti-inflammatory and regulating menstruation, it is mainly used in pharmaceutical field;
(2). As products for regulating menstruation, it is mainly used in health product industry;
(3). As pigments, food additives of seasoning, it is mainly used in cosmetic industry.

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(86 Reviews)
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