Tongkat ali root extract

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There are many tongkat ali extract in the market but only the high quality one works for you.


So Where you can get the high #quality (Very #bitter) #Tongkat ali root extract powder?


Tongkat ali can stimulate the human body to secrete more hormones, including androgen, progesterone, so it has a good effect on regulating the human body's hormones of men and women. In addition, the drug can improve the quality of sperm, as well as the number, size and movement of sperm, so it has a certain effect on infertility. It is suggested that patients should avoid eating spicy and stimulating food during taking, so as not to affect the effect of drugs.

The tongkat ali extracts also have various effects such as improving physical strength, reducing fatigue, killing bacteria, anti-ulcer, lowering blood pressure and treating diabetes.


Tongkat ali root extract


Latin name: #Eurycoma #longifolia Jack.

Spec: 100% pure powder(200:1)

Appearance: Light yellow fine powder, as pictures showed.

MOQ: 1kg but the more quantity, the lower prices.

Our #Advantage:

1. Factory price;

2. Well stocked;

3. Low MOQ with OEM Package;

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Powder soaking water method:

Tongkat Ali powder soaking water is more convenient, with boiling hot water brewing, when the fiber precipitation of TongkatAli to the bottom, you can drink, because it is a powder, so the active ingredient can be quickly dissolved in hot water.


2 times a day (when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night), 500 mg to 1 g at a time, depending on the physical condition, can be increased to 5-10g/day.


Tongkat ali root extract

Tongkat ali root extract


The main chemical components in tongkat ali is guassin terpene and alkaloid two compounds, its extract in addition to being able to play a improve male sexual function, and cancer, malaria, fall blood sugar, blood pressure, blood high uric acid hematic disease model rats blood uric acid level, alleviate the pathology of kidney tissue damage and so on.

Many kinds of pharmacological action, In particular, the improvement of male sexual function has attracted much attention from the scientific community. Professionals in the international pharmaceutical community believe that tongkat Ali is one of the natural plant resources with the best anti-ED effect discovered so far, and its effect is better than yohimbine, etc. A variety of plant health products in the United States and Europe also contain Tongkat Ali extract.


It's also known as "natural aphrodisiac", If you are interested, welcome to contact us, thank you!



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