High Quality Notoginseng root powder

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Notoginseng powder is a root product of the plant Panax pseudo-ginseng, which is made with the taproot of ginseng. Tianqi powder alias, gold does not change. Warm, sweet and bitter taste, into the liver, stomach, large intestine. Also known as north ginseng, south Panax. Ginseng tonic qi first, Panax notoginseng tonic blood first.

Panax notoginseng has always been a traditional Chinese medicine.

Main function for Raw notoginseng and Cooked Notoginseng:

Raw notoginseng has blood stasis, trauma hemorrhage, postpartum hemorrhea, vomiting blood, epistaxis, etc.
Cooked Notoginseng has: used for weakness, loss of appetite, neurasthenia, excessive fatigue, blood loss, anemia, etc

More Functions:

(1) the function of panax notoginseng is to replenish blood, remove blood stasis, stop bleeding, can fill, the best effect, is the most precious in the prescription. Eat notoginseng raw, remove blood stasis and give birth to new, detumescence and pain, and have hemostasis without blood stasis, the line of blood does not hurt the new advantages; If taken properly, the body will be toned.
(2) Dilatation of blood vessels.
(3) It has strong analgesic effect, anti-fatigue, improve learning and memory ability.
(4) Anti-inflammatory effect.
(5) It has the function of immunomodulator, which can make the immune response too high or too low return to normal, but does not interfere with the normal immune response of the body.
(6) Anti-tumor effect; Inhibit scar hyperplasia.
(7) Anti-aging and antioxidant effects.
(8) Reducing blood lipids and cholesterol.
(9) Liver protection.


1. Food industry.

2. Health care industry

3. Pharmaceutical aspects.

How to check your Notoginseng powder's quality?

A simple method:
It is to see how many Notoginseng powder is hit by the first panax notoginseng powder, generally speaking, the larger the powder hit by the active ingredient content is slightly higher. Therefore, what determines the quality and price of panax notoginseng powder is the grade of raw materials, such as 20 heads and 30 heads.

High Quality Notoginseng root powder

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