Why Whey protein concentrate powder is very popular in sports nutrition?

  • Sunday, Jan. 02, 2022 15:26:47

It is a kind of protein extracted from milk. It has the characteristics of high nutritional value, easy digestion and absorption, and contains a variety of active ingredients. It is recognized as one of the high quality protein supplements for human body.

Main ingredients in whey protein powder as follows:

β -lactoglobulin.
With the best proportion of amino acids, high content of branch chain amino acids, to promote protein synthesis and reduce protein decomposition plays an important role, help fitness enthusiasts to shape beautiful body shape.

Alpha-lactalbumin is an excellent source of essential and branched amino acids and is the only whey protein component that binds to metals and calcium.

Immunoglobulin has immune activity, can enter the proximal small intestine completely, play the role of protecting the small intestine mucosa.

Milk, lactoferrin in adults is absorbed in the form of complete protein, its health benefits, including potential antibacterial activity and antiviral properties, prevent pathogenic microorganisms grow in the gut, stimulate the immune system and regulation of inflammation caused by tissue damage Lactoferrin is an important role in iron and bone metabolism is particularly concerned with athletes.

Who will need it?

Whey protein, as a high quality protein, is especially suitable for infants, the elderly, sports people and patients before and after surgery.

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